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FHTC Dual Credit

Students will earn dual credit for all courses taken at FHTC.  Some programs allow students to enter in the 11th grade and some are for 12th grade students only.  The tuition for all programs at FHTC is free to students while they are in high school.  Transportation to and from FHTC is provided by the school.  However, students are responsible for fees, books, uniforms, and tools.

Current FHTC Programs:  Automotive Technology, Business Administrative Technology, Computer Program Design, Construction Technology, Graphic Arts, Health Occupations Technology, Culinary Arts, Industrial Engineering, Interactive Multimedia Design, Machine Tool Technology, Computer Networking, Power Plant Technology, and Welding Technology. 

Enrollment Process:  1. Students must pass an entrance test (ASSET or COMPASS) which is provided for a $10 by FHTC.  If a student has ACT scores, those can be used in place of the ASSET or COMPASS.  They are tested on reading, writing, and math skills.  2.  Students must apply for admission to FHTC.  3.  Students will then enroll in courses by meeting with a FHTC adviser.  They must pay a $100 deposit to hold their spot in the program as spots are limited.  4.  Parents will receive a bill from FHTC.  5.  Students must follow the FHTC attendance policy.

Payment:  Approximate cost to student as of 2015-2016


Semester 1 Cost to Student

Semester 2 Cost to Student

Automotive Technology



Business Administrative Technology



Computer Program Design



Construction Technology



Graphic Arts



Health Occupations Technology



Culinary Arts



Industrial Engineering



Interactive Multimedia Design



Machine Tool Technology



Computer Networking



Power Plant Technology



Welding Technology